English Poems


easterfriday 2018


To love and to be loved…

Valentine 2018


Walk slow, people. 🙂

Vacation 2017


Perhaps He misses us as fervently as we miss Him. (Ruach means Spirit or Breath)



Pentecost is the celebration of the essence of God reaching down to us.

Pentecost 2017


Easter 2017

Easter 2017


Eventually the snow will melt.









To the brave ones, who choose to love and shed light in dark places.



The Christmas child knew all about oppression, poverty and having to flee for your life.



Awaiting the light.



Evening walk.



Nooo, it’s not too early for Jingle Bells!






The crazy ( French) discussion on the burka made me think of this little scene I saw at the beach. Freedom can only be offered, never forced.



A brave young woman embraced the life given to her in a strange new place. Her name was Ruth, which means friend.

Threshing floor


Vive la France



Shouldn’t those of us who say we feel inspired by a God of love, be known first of all, as people who try to love deeply and without prejudice?

same love

Come out and play!


Heroes tend to fall from pedestals. Some rise from the dead though.


Pentecost; when hope filled the air and lit a fire.


Sometimes we get a little sunburned when we embrace our freedom. So be it.


Cheers, here’s to imperfection.

Photo credit youngdoo via Foter.com  CC BY-NC (2)

Living together with a fifteen year old is an excellent and a challenging thing.


Easter tells a hopeful story that, eventually, love wins. However, the road to love can be lonely and difficult, a reality faced daily by the refugee’s on European doorsteps.

Easter 2016

A sunny little poem:

Morning coffee

Growing up in the biblebelt:


Valentine’s day.


About Leadership and Election Day.


Eve; mother of all, bearer of life.


A new year full of opportunities!

new yearsday

Peace on earth, good will to men.

let it snow

Black night in Paris. Picture taken by alessandro silipo.


No mountaintop without the valley.

November 2015, Valley
November 2015, Valley

Another little lovepoem. The beautiful sculpure is Rodin’s ‘Lover’s hands”.

No wifi, October 2015.
No wifi, October 2015

Thoughts on the Middle East conflict, to the mothers on all sides.

City of Peace

I do love the fall. It brings out the romantic in me.

September 2015, Autumn
September 2015, Autumn

The 12 steps is a well-known and succesful method that helps people to cope with addiction.

September 2015, Frailty
September 2015, Frailty

To the brave parents in divorce, who chose to put the needs of their children before their own needs.

September 2015, Separated
September 2015, Separated

Inspired by C.S. Lewis, who for me was the first to give words to the longing.

September 2015, Dragging Wings
September 2015, Dragging Wings

For the Syrian refugees on our doorstep.

August 2015, Refugee
August 2015, Refugee

A little love song.

July 2015, Invitation
July 2015, Invitation

My poems can also be found at: https://www.facebook.com/walkslowpoetry/


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