Reshaping my Christian outlook

Growing up in the biblebelt:  What I gladly take along, and what I’d rather leave behind.

Reshaping truth:

A poem about combining faith and doubt:

dragging wings


Reshaping connection:

This is a little poem about meeting God, as much outside the church as on the inside.

October 2015, Reshaping my faith.


Reshaping passion:

Looking for space to breathe:



Reshaping images:

Hoping to find a milder God.



Holding on:

At the end of the day, still feeling a heartbeat.


Please let me know if you can relate or not. 


4 thoughts on “Reshaping my Christian outlook

  1. I can definitely relate to the above and the reshaping of your thoughts. Besides, you have the ability to put into words what is going on in your head. The process of growth and change, what is and stays as important in your development as a person. Love, care and (en)joy ….. they are nouns as well as verbs!! Love you lots

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  2. I can relate also. After many years away from a church I finally found a home with the Unitarians. They embrace that connectivity you speak of and encourage all to find their own paths to spirituality. Plus that’s where I go for my writer’s group! Thank you for sharing your spiritual journey with us. I do believe that we do travel many of the same roads.

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